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Welcome to the JobsApp support page. We aim to get you sorted as quickly as possible.
If you don't find what you are looking for here, then please contact us so we can support you personally.


The first step with setting up JobsApp is to add your workforce:

  1. Login into JobsApp at jobsapp.co.nz/go
  2. Select the settings icon from the left hand menu
  3. Select WORKFORCE
  4. If you have just signed up you will see that you are the only user listed.
  5. Click ADD WORKER
  6. Fill in the form field
  7. WORKER NAME - Name of the worker you are adding
  8. WORKER EMAIL - If the worker has a work email, add it here.
  9. WORKER LOGIN - The username that they will log into jobsapp with (if you entered an email address, we suggest that their login is the same)
  10. WORKER PASSWORD - Assign them a password. You will have to let them know this later.
  11. WHAT DOES THIS WORKER DO - Select the role(s) that are appropriate to the worker
  12. SAVE YOUR NEW WORKER - This will save your worker or let you know if any of the fields are not acceptable.


To be able to see where your team are and dispatch jobs to them, each of your workers needs to have JobsApp installed on their Android mobile.

  1. Visit jobsapp.co.nz/android from your workers android mobile
  2. Click on the Google Play button
  3. Click INSTALL
  4. ACCEPT the required app permissions
  5. Open JOBSAPP and login using the workers details